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Dramatic Percussion contains unusual or rarely recorded instruments.

Dramatic Percussion ScreenshotSome of these instruments include, Boo Bams, Puili, Octabans, Large Taos drum, Anklung, a full range of bowed and scraped gongs, Crotales bowed and struck, Vietnamese split bamboo, Concert Toms, Waterphone, just to name a few. Dramatic Percussion also contains traditional Orchestral Percussion instruments that are played in an untraditional way, such as thumb rolls and super balls on a Concert Bass drum! The uniqueness of this sample library comes from its unusual blend of instruments and how they were recorded.

Almost all of the instruments in the library have “motion.” You can change many of the parameters of an instrument by using the Sus Pedal, Mod Wheel, or keyboard switches on the fly. For example the BooBams shift from overheads mics to mics contained within the resonators using either the sus pedal as a switch or the mod wheel to cross fade between the two sample sets. Almost all of the instruments in this library have similar features and many are much more complex.

Dramatic Percussion includes instruments that I have wanted to turn to as a composer myself, but was unable to find in existing libraries or were available but didn’t have the depth I wanted. Nearly all of the instruments utilize new features for Gigastudio 3.0 and GVI. Round robin and randomizing are used on almost every instrument to add additional realism. Extensive velocity layering and individual right and left hand hits also increase the “depth” of the library. Many techniques have been used to create a wide pallet of sounds for each instrument. Some of these include super balls, bowing, and thumb rolls Fx tracks. In addition, many of the instruments were played with sticks, mallets, hot rods, brushes, and fingers. This gives you as many options as possible. This library has filled a large gap in my personal collection. I hope it does in yours as well. - Todd Sorensen



The previews below are compositions created using only instruments from Dramatic Percussion. Click the play icon to hear a sample clip.

Sample 1 - "The Hunt"   Preview

Sample 2 - "Eerie"   Preview

Sample 3 - "The Chase"   Preview

Visit the preview page to hear more samples from Dramatic Percussion.


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